Sleepers are a manufactured product, providing a uniform size with a fine sawn finish that can be utilized in a variety of landscape applications. Offering the natural beauty and warmth of wood, coupled with strength and durability, sleepers can be used for retaining walls, steps, paving and garden edging.

Size (mm)
Length (m) 200x75 200x50
2.4 X X
3.0 X X
3.6 X X


Size (mm)
Length (m) 200x50 150x50 100x50 75x50
6.0 X X X n/a
5.4 X X X X
Size (mm)
Length (m) 150x38
6.0 X
5.4 X

Jelfor Timbers also has a limited stock of 125x75 & 100x100

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